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What's the new bag? Several small couples easy to remove the smell

Said that the girls, the "cure" This trick no matter what circumstances, absolutely useful. In today's society, with the development of people's pursuit of continuous improvement, especially women's bags, change quickly. The market is diverse and dazzling, and some people buy a very high-end bags, but the new bag back there is a taste of trouble, then how to solve it? What is the smell of bags? How to remove bag odor? Let's take a look. With orange peel (fresh) on the bag, put a day out, and then cut a few small pieces of soap, on the bag, and the whole piece of large soap with plastic bags sealed 3 days, after the leather taste Will be gone. The home is very common toilet paper folded fold, into the taste of the bag, that toilet paper put the taste sucked away, after ventilation, toilet paper can be reused, of course, still sucking children. Similarly, if the bag on another large container than the bag, put the toilet paper around, that bag skin taste can not be sucked away. If you have a new bag, may wish to try it, really useful Oh Put some grapefruit skin kate spade purses into, or lemon peel, 2 days no taste

Counter to buy a new bag also put in the ventilated place for two days, go to taste, so we did not buy the counter to buy, from the Internet to buy the bag did not open will be so, the general bag at home ventilation Put a day has no taste. Method: take a piece of soft towel soaked in water, and then come out wring dry, and then put the bag inside and outside carefully wipe it again, wipe the bag put the ventilated air dry. Note: If the summer, you can sun in a little sun, to be replaced by the words of the winter, the sisters remember not in the sun under the sun, because the bag in the winter sun will be affected by cold air, the cortex prone to chemical reaction Leather bag is easy to crisp skin.

More than a couple of strokes, in fact, in our daily life is very easy to do, which is our custom bag in the kate spade handbags daily custom when slowly found, hoping to help you friends, "cure" package Bag of kate spade bags smell removed, the trouble also to remove, and think back to the new package, and the mood must be the United States and the United States da!