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What travel package do you use? The most complete travel luggage selection Raiders

You have to face with a large box or a small box and tangled it? When the holidays, travel, travel, we need to sort out the luggage, something more when the box want a little bigger, when things want a little less portable box The The big box can be checked can put a lot of things, but wait until after the plane to take luggage, suddenly found the box was beaten to crack, the heart of the kind of swallowed a fly feeling only words. So, in the end should be how to choose the best package to travel the most convenient? After several trials later, boarding the box + shoulder bag way, sometimes even just a kate spade sale shoulder bag, which is the best choice. For girls who board the box is the best caster, so sometimes the backpack is very heavy, you can put it on the boarding box to push to go, a lot of effort. The boarding box is also divided into economy class and business class size. While the shoulder bag is generally not less than 30L, you can put some aircraft or train has been used on things. Such as inflatable pillow, goggles, books, files, mp3 and computer. Shoulder bag as their own choice, some girls feel that the mountain can not look back to the same brand of other products, choose a small capacity. Recommended mountaineering bag series because of the backpack for travel, have a good carrying system, to the greatest extent to help you save effort. Do not underestimate these small places, long-distance travel province a little bit of power means that the province a lot of power, after all, all the way to contribute.

When you buy a suitcase, you should first consider the material, because it determines the appearance and practicality of the suitcase. Currently on the market more common suitcase is divided into three categories, namely hard shell box, soft box and leather box. In general, hard shell kate spade handbags box waterproof, strong pressure, good maintenance, mostly with kate spade purses high temperature, wear, anti-impact, waterproof, compression characteristics, so the hard box is more suitable for long-distance travel. The material kate spade outlet online of the soft box is mainly nylon, Oxford cloth or non-woven material. Although these fabrics do not seem hard shell class fashion, but also very durable, not easy in the shipment problems. Compared with the hard suitcase, the advantages of the soft box is light weight, toughness, rich style, resistant to cut rub, light, can accommodate more things. It is also one of the advantages of the exterior design of the box (for example, the small pocket of small items), and the capacity of the soft box is relatively large because of the ductility of the soft box. But the lack of the United States is that the soft box of the rain effect is not as good as the hard box, easy to put fragile items, and in the compression, anti-impact as hard box, so the soft box is more suitable for short trips, can also be used as portable board The