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Why can a woman leave a handbag?

?First of all, the handbag can give a woman a sense of security. Handbag is like a close partner, carry it with it, and my heart has a sense of dependency. The love of a woman's handbag reflects the needs of Maslow's hierarchy - the sense of security is the need for physical needs, human instincts. When the women from the home into the outside world, it kate spade handbags is the package, in the subconscious, gave them some kind of emotional support. In some cases, the bag can also help them to ease the inner tension and anxiety. In kate spade sale addition, the handbag or a woman's savior, so that they become more perfect. Women do not like men, and sometimes can not care about their own perfect, men can use everyday things such as mobile phones, cigarettes, keys and other personal pocket, women can not do so, so they can not do without the package. At the same time, handbags can reflect the quality of life and femininity. Handbag is the best jewelry with accessories, but also the way they change their mood. For them, the selection, with the bag is a pleasing thing, they never tired. A paragraph with a careful handbag everywhere showing their pursuit of quality of life. From some of the women's bag, you can kate spade purses read her inner soft, small space, disordered in the arrangement of lipstick, eyebrow pencil, perfume, key, wallet, phone book, cell phone, photo, etc., equal to loud Announced that they were very feminine.

Handbags can sometimes reveal the secret of the owner. For example, some women think that the bag must be practical, even as big as the briefcase is good. Like a large bag of women are outside just inside the soft, want to give people the feeling of independence, but they often lack of independence, everything is assured, must control in the hands to feel at ease. Of course, there are a small number of women do not like to carry a bag, but will trivial things such as mobile phones, wallets and other stuffed in the pocket. Such women are generally "strong women". They have a strong desire for freedom and liberation. Hope to be on an equal footing with men, feel the need to put some too feminine things to draw a line, such as packages.