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Wild accessories go out essential bags

Small partners out of the most can not be missing kate spade sale is a beautiful bag, because we girls go out to bring things too much, small to large paper towels, everything can not be missing, so there is a suitable and beautiful bag Is very important, today Xiaobian give you recommend several very good bags filled with a small fragrance of fashion Lingge packet, so you look at it, put it down Oh, filling your temperament pressing Lingge design, Coupled with exquisite metal decoration decorated, from afar, as if the interpretation of the urban life of low-key luxury, exudes a charming atmosphere, so you love it from the past Oh! Classic fashion cover type, so you enjoy between the showers to show you elegant and generous temperament, coupled with the background in a solid color style, a trace of literary style like a small snake around the bag Turn, exudes a bright light of literature and art, for its a layer of literary beauty of the yo!

Small grid of Baoshen modeling, giving you a trace of youthful vitality of the gas, and the most let the girl's heart beating is its lovely Wendy little doll decorate Oh, let you walk in the streets, all the time to distribute With you that sweet kate spade sale little fragrance Oh, the whole look looks like, you will have a little bit of feminine intellectual content inside Oh, I believe you will be a phase of it Oh! The shape of the bag is particularly unique, is the shape of the ancient pillow. Little bulging, especially cute. Carrying a decorative tassel belt, the color of the two tassels are not the same, it is particularly fashionable, carry the shape of the flat is the kind of flat, very unique. See this bag, the sister you do not think it looks like a fine drums it? The reason why there is such a feeling and it is a great relationship with the type of yo. Cylindrical bag is relatively small back, and this is full of girls atmosphere of the bag is more difficult and others hit the package yo. But the bag will be a little small, only suitable for some small things.

The entire bag is used in a relatively bright patent leather material, so the light shine back to reflect the bright light, walking on the road will be very eye-catching Oh! In addition, the design style of the bag is still relatively simple, so the clothes will be very convenient. Special European and American fashion. Small square bag particularly clean and neat, back body particularly refreshing temperament, front clamshell design is unique, plus two metal buckle, especially generous. Stereotypes make the bag look more style, there is a fairy tale inside the little box with the feeling of the baby, cool stereotypes can accommodate a lot of things and will not be flattened. Whether it is in the hands or hanging on the shoulders, in any place can take the title of the Queen of Variety.

Retro has been popular in recent years, popular elements, covered with fine exquisite small system design, plus the arch arch arch up the curvature, very much like the ancient jewelry box looks stylish and domineering, put it into a kate spade outlet online small pet the same bag Fall on the shoulders, fashion and cute! Bag shape some biased in the shell, and the head is relatively small, so the back of the words it is very light it Black background with white pattern decoration, very stylish design sense of it Daily go out or go shopping to work, this bag is a good choice Oh