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Woman is not a bag can meet the

We all know that there is an idiom, called cure. Here the package from another level to understand, that is, our girls with the bag. Women for the package, there is an unexplained fascination, different times, different scenes, of course, need to reflect the different bags. In the summer, the simple shoulder bag is the most appropriate. Will not give the back and shoulders bring too much heat, kate spade handbags and simple and lightweight, but also very good with clothes. Cute little bag, you can usually go shopping when wearing a back, install some of the necessary mobile phones, such as changing paper towels. Easy to carry, modeling sweet playful. Large-capacity shoulder bag, it is suitable for students party, the space capacity is large enough to install some books is completely no problem. Compared to the shoulder bag, the more fashionable shoulder bag is no longer the kind of students in our impression of the bag, generous package version, in the shoulder bag inside, more novel, cotton and linen cloth, Very fresh and fresh. Large bag canvas handbag. But also linen cloth, or gentle beige, so that bags have a great sense of art. Black strap, is free to adjust, and more out of the part, you can as a ribbon to decorate, the overall style is very simple. Retro embroidery oblique cross package. Small bucket bag, small fresh daisy embroidery, simple retro. Seemingly small package, but inside the space is actually large, can be loaded out of the necessary necessities, practical and beautiful.

Mini chain small square bag. Very personalized of a small square bag, inclined button design, fashionable metal chain, to create a simple fashion. Chain is free to replace, you can when the diagonal package, you can also shorten the chain, when the shoulder bag. Straw bag wrapped bag. Woven bag to a certain extent, has a strong sense of art. This is not an ordinary woven bag, the two sides of the bag to close up, that is, dumplings package, and then let go side, it becomes a square bag. Ribbon wide shoulder Messenger bag. Hit the color of the ribbon wide shoulder bag, compared to the thin shoulder to bring the pressure to the shoulder is not great. Solid color of the bag, the color of the strap, with the strap to show the overall color of the bag, there are personality, but not kate spade purses too much publicity. With European and American style shoulder bag, very simple style design, generous also highlights the sense of elegance. The appropriate degree of soft and hard, so that the package was more three-dimensional. Can college wind, can also be very small fresh, the most important thing is youth. Retro pure color oblique cross package. Simple and generous design, can be used as a shoulder bag, can also be used as a handbag. Solid color style, as well as color hit color, but also reflects the retro taste. Selection of high quality materials made, have better quality to enjoy.