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Woman's taste how to see her bag!

Dress up for women, it is too important, and many girls every day before going out, from kate spade purses the clothes to the bag, will be carefully with. In fact, the bag as a daily necessities, to a large extent on behalf of a woman's identity, taste and personality, therefore, when the purchase must pay attention to quality and shape, in general, buy simple and wild Of the classic models, how to take will not be wrong! Comes with a small incense charm, everywhere showing the pursuit of women's quality and the trend of the trend, the hardware chain and Lingge combination, so that bags more fashionable atmosphere, highlighting the elegance of women and exquisite beauty. To clean and neat lines to create exquisite Baoshen, coupled with just right wear-resistant shoulder strap, perfect highlight the temperament, visually create a thin effect, heart-shaped hardware into, so that the entire version of the moment also become more atmospheric, Or Messenger can outline the perfect body proportions, work or leisure, how can you less it!

Select the second layer of leather, through the ingenious design to create diamond texture, package type, not easy to deformation, texture of the hardware and Smart pendant, filled with noble temperament charm, work or leisure, show your elegant and capable fashion charm! Walking in the city, Ling check the bag is always easy to grab the eye, this one to build a car line to create a small shape, fox metal buckle and chain straps into the bag from the inside and outside the distribution of elegant And charming charm, work or leisure, enough to make you stand kate spade sale out in the crowd! Red bag and other colors compared to the bag, the gas field full, this one selection of leather to create simple package kate spade outlet online type, and then to hardware reinforcement, shoulder design, more elegant, can also accommodate skin care products, umbrellas and other items , Work or leisure, so you more Fan! Wide shoulder strap package this year is also super popular, and ordinary bags compared to the wide shoulder strap package to the comfort of the shoulder strap to win, this one to the first layer of leather to create small package type, and then combined with the color of aesthetics Of the color metal embellishment, the overall shape of light and yet the atmosphere, the most important thing is the back one day can not capacity tired Oh! From the European and American Boston package, since the market has been sought after fashionable people, this package is simple, but it has a stylish and atmospheric personality charm, compact shape has a durable capacity, can be portable shoulder, Bring such a bag travel, elegant and significant taste!

Small square bag simple yet elegant style, and no matter how with clothes, have shown a full personality of the fashion vitality! This one with two layers of leather to create mini-style, simple but extraordinary fashion sense, the capacity of the equipment, so travel more easily!