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Worth recalling, high value classic retro package

Girls in the wardrobe in addition to different colors, different styles of clothes, the inevitable, all kinds of bags, every time you open the wardrobe face large and small package, you will be full of pleasure or full of tangled, today I In the end to choose which package out of it? Girls want to buy a package as the bottom of the hole in general, will never be filled, the color is not the same to buy a different pattern to buy one, the lines are inconsistent to buy a new and popular style must also start. The style of the female bag is absolutely able to improve the quality of women a grade, or elegant, or elegant and moving, or lively playful, no matter what kind of style, you can help you build classic retro package. These high-value classic retro bag abandoned the gorgeous decoration, complex patterns and exaggerated colors, highlighting the unique retro charm, simple atmosphere revealed a unique charm, is a good choice for women daily travel. Bag light wild, small fragrant Ling Ling grid stripes chain is popular this year, leather surface printed with natural litchi lines, dull in a trace of shiny, soft touch.

Black classic atmosphere Needless to say, the embossed surface is very delicate leather, diamond decoration revealed a low-key sense of luxury, suitable for a variety of occasions. Elegant Lingge chain with a mysterious black will retro charm interpretation to the extreme, washed vegetable tannin exudes a sense of modern nostalgia, highlight the goddess high cold Fan. Crystal pearls fell on the feet, pink satin show the little girl's dream and women's gentle, fine with the perfect collision with the more elegant and romantic. A pair of large diamond studded with high heels, with a shiny bright lure round of your fantasy about Cinderella. White ribbon gently in the ankle winding light Smart. Hollow shoe body in the looming revealed a little sexy, more able to touch the heartstrings, geometric style of the hollow in the cross between the interpretation of the infinite charm. Abandon the extra decoration, leaving only streamlined shoe body, the leg kate spade bags of the sexy arc kate spade sale outline out, lengthening the legs lines, more suitable for women in the workplace wearing needs. Bags and shoes as a woman's overall shape of the supplement is often overlooked by us, always more time with the dress, in fact, a classic retro bag, a pair of comfortable high heels can enhance the temperament of women, easy Deductive goddess